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An Italian Tale

Misirizzi is an Italian Restaurant. A real one.

Misirizzi is run by Siria and Alessandro.

Misirizzi is designed by Matias.

Misirizzi is in New York City.

Misirizzi thinks you should make Practical use of your Wildest dream.


or roly-poly toy, is a toy that right itself when pushed over always

MISIRIZZI is a partnership between three people:

—Siria Morselli, Alessandro Arseni and Matias Sagaria—all residents of New York with roots in Italy, who have worked for many years in restaurants in New York City. Collectively, they bring over 40 years of experience in culinary arts and hospitality, and an intimate knowledge of Italian cuisine, wine and lifestyle, which forms the basis of all their endeavors. Growing in Hospitality cultured Families, the partners have been successful in their management experience in the City importing sincere Italian techniques in order to cater to the market’s growing demand for undiluted, true‐to‐form regional cooking.

MISIRIZZI is committed to having fresh homemade pasta and wine program in a cozy and house-like venue with sleek interiors an approachable, casual‐cool vibe, re-inventing the concept of family-restaurant in the NOHO neighborhood.

Matias Sagaria is the interior designer of Misirizi restaurant.

misirizzi stamp